Australia, which took pride in last year’s control of COVID-19 transmission in its country, is now building a new quarantine camp for people with a high potential of contracting the virus.

According to documents seen by Worthy News and reported by The Age, Australia’s government would create a mandatory quarantine camp for those suspected of having COVID-19 to aid in battling the coronavirus outbreak.

The concept is based on the Howard Springs Centre in the Northern Territory, which the outlet said has demonstrated far more effectiveness than hotel quarantine for reducing COVID-19 leakage.

“But we’ve got to get this built. There’s a much greater risk to people across Victoria, Mickleham included, by having thousands of people in hotels that are not built to quarantine them,” said Premier Daniel Andrews.

“That’s the site that’s been chosen and everyone, including locals, will be better off because of that.”

The facility will be built by Multiplex, with 80 percent of the buildings being prefabricated off-site. The center has the capacity to expand to 3000 beds, but it will open as soon as 500 beds are available later this year.

According to a picture provided by The Age, the rooms where people would spend their time quite resembles a regular hotel room, with a balcony, bed for one person, a working desk, closet, and a television.

The construction of the quarantine complex came as Australians are getting heated about harsh lockdowns being constantly further extended. 

The Guardian reported the stay-at-home order from June is now extended to Sept. 30 in big cities.

As of Saturday, Aug. 21, thousands of mask-less citizens had poured onto the streets of the country’s largest cities, demanding the government abandon its lockdown ambition, per CNN.

Being previously hailed as an example of tactful success in dealing with the original virus last year, the country closed its borders to practically all outsiders. It established rigorous quarantines on newcomers and instituted aggressive testing and tracing regimes to capture any instances before they could leak out.

But with the new variant this year, the entire country had sacrificed itself with strict measures again but to no avail since cases continue to rise.

With a population of nearly 25 million citizens, Australia reported a total of 882 locally transmitted cases on Saturday. Since the pandemic began, the country has had 43,119 patients with 978 fatalities, government data shows.

Australian officials have also started to review what they thought was the best approach to get the community through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“No matter how hard we work and no matter if 99% of people are doing the right thing, there is an element of Delta that nobody can control,” said New South Wales (NSW) State Premier Gladys Berejiklian, according to CNN.

“We accept that Delta is here, we accept heading to zero across the nation—especially once you open up and live freely—will be an impossible task,” she added, given that the vaccines may be the last resort for Australia to soon forgo the lockdown ordeal.

If current vaccination rates continue, Berejiklian expects that 70% of NSW residents over 16 will be fully vaccinated by the end of October and 80% by mid-November. But in total, the country has only had 22.6% of its population fully vaccinated.

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