After miraculously surviving a jumping-castle tragedy in Tasmania, an Australian boy has delivered a message to supporters.

After the accident on Thursday, Dec. 16, Beau Medcraft was left with six “best mates” dead, two shattered arms, and a fractured wrist. He’s still fighting on.

Medcraft was injured during a graduation ceremony at Hillcrest Primary School in Devonport, Tasmania. He fell 10 meters from a bouncing castle that took off into the air, trapped the children in a “mini-tornado.”

The 12-year-old received a special greeting from Tasmanian-born country music singer Casey Barnes after being released from the hospital on Friday, Dec. 17.

“Two broken arms, a shattered wrist but sadly also lost his best mates as a result of the incident.” Barnes wrote to Medcraft.

The musician revealed that he grew up on Tasmania’s northwest coast. He attended college and played his first gigs in Devonport, a city of Tasmania.

“So am really feeling for the community and everyone directly involved,” Barnes went on to say.

Medcraft created a video to express his gratitude to him and the rest of the Australian community for their continuous support. Medcraft is bandaged, bruised, and dressed as Barnes in his footage.

“Hi Casey, thanks for the support and all the awesome people who commented,” Medcraft stated.

On Friday, Dec. 17, Medcraft’s father, John Medcraft, told the story of his son’s lucky escape on social media. He also expressed his sorrow for the unfortunate victims.

“He’s bruised, busted and broken but he’s still with us. He’s more thinking of his mates he’s lost and all of them. He’s a tough kid.” the father said according to the Daily Mail.

On Sunday, Dec. 19, Medcraft attended the memorial ceremony for the six victims. He brought a game controller with him as a memorial to his deceased companions.

At the memorial service, Medcraft sobbed as he hugged his parents.

The tragic accident claimed the lives of Zane Mellor, 12, Jye Sheehan, 12, Jalailah Jayne-Maree Jones, 12, Peter Dodt, 12, Addison Stewart, 11, and Chace Hamilton, 11.

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