Last December, a 74-year-old Brisbane grandpa sent the authorities an unedited clip showing 115 rooster crows in only 30 minutes, inviting them to his house in Brisbane’s beautiful northern suburbs to hear the terrible ruckus.

Gary Roden sought to modify the city’s animal noise ordinances as his neighbor’s roosters disturb him continually.

The grandpa claims that the crowing of the noisy birds accidentally wrecked his marriage because he lives next door to around a half-dozen of them.

“I’m pretty hard to live with sometimes; that’s probably why my wife moved out,” Roden said, adding, “It just gets me stomach churned up and all.”

The old man went on to say: “It just affected my personality, which affected her, and you can’t blame her in some ways. I love this place, and I like the peace and the quietness, and that’s just sort of an irritant, that’s not necessary.”

Roden recognized that the excessive poultry noise was grinding his gears.

A Christmas party is out of the question; Gary knows that the noise will start and ruin his mood.

Local animals-lovers don’t want to talk to him about why they have so many roosters living around.

There is no end in sight for Mr. Gary’s seven-year battle with Brisbane City Council and numerous Lord Mayors.

To be classified as a violation, any nuisance noise must be present for six minutes in any given hour or three minutes in any 30 minutes between the hours of 10 pm and 7 pm, whichever comes first.

Roden believes that roosters should be exempt from this restriction.

A rooster will crow when it wants to, no matter how hard you try to teach it to do otherwise.

One-hectare allotments in Brisbane City Council’s rural zone are just a few hundred meters from the city’s suburbs.

Councillor Kim Marx, chair of the Civic Cabinet for City Standards, stated the loud neighbors had not broken any laws.

“This resident’s complaints have been investigated and no breach of Council or State laws has been found,” Kim said.

Roden pushed back, saying the Lord Mayor is welcome to hear the noise by visiting his home.

Residents in rural areas are exempt from the city’s regulations on keeping chickens and roosters on their premises.

It’s been a long time since Gary and his neighbors had good relations, so he’d appreciate it if they could get rid of the roosters.

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