A distraught father-of-five described his sole surviving child as a “hero” when their west Melbourne home caught fire early Sunday morning, Nov. 21.

Nagmeldin Osman said that Ibrahim, his eight-year-old son, saved him and his wife by waking them up. Osman made a last-ditch effort to save his children from their burning home.

The incident happened when Osman and his wife were sleeping in his five-bedroom Werribee home. The room was already in a thick layer of smoke.

“Ibrahim is the hero,” Osman said according to 9News.

Hamid, ten, Esin, six, Nadir, three, and Elin, one, were among Osman’s four children who perished in the fire.

The father said three of the children were in one bedroom at the back of the house, where the fire started.

The four youngsters, according to Osman, will be greatly missed.

“They were so beautiful,” he said.”I’m going to miss everything from them, every little moment.”

Osman recalled the incident outside Alfred hospital on Tuesday morning, Nov. 23, where he was treated for burns to his arms and body due to the fire.

The reason for the fire, he claimed, is a mysterious thing to him.

Osman tried numerous times to rush into his children’s rooms to save them, but the fire’s severity stopped him, and he got burns and wounds from smashing windows in the attempt.

He said his wife had baked pizza for dinner at the children’s request before the fire. But, unfortunately, that was their last meal together.

“Now what are we going to do? Me and my wife and Ibrahim?” Osman asked.

The father continuously thanked the community for their help, especially his neighbors who attempted to stop the blaze.

“All neighbours, be together, help each other. Because we are here, we are all Australian, and we support each other,” Osman stated. “And the way you guys supported me has made me very happy.”

“This life is very short, anyone can go at any minute, like my kids, just gone, wasn’t expecting them.” he went on to say.

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