An angry KFC customer who claimed she was served raw chicken by the fast-food giant has posted pictures of her meal—and claimed her complaint was ignored for nearly a week, according to The Daily Mail.

The woman said she purchased chicken from KFC’s outlet in the Townsville suburb of Annandale, Australia, last Friday, Aug.2.

A KFC customer from Queensland, Australia, said she purchased chicken from KFC’s Annandale outlet on Friday. Aug. 2, 2019. (‎Rosi Lancaster‎/Facebook)

She soon discovered that her chicken was raw and immediately called the store.

‘The girl on the phone seemed interested and asked me to email photos through and they would call back,’ she wrote.

‘No call back yet and no response.’

The woman said her complaint was ignored for nearly a week. (‎Rosi Lancaster‎/Facebook)

The woman then decided to post pictures of her meal to Facebook.

Her post has attracted the attention of many social media users with several pledging to boycott the business.

‘That is sooo bad I don’t think I want to eat it again,’ one social media user said.

‘Never eating chicken again,’ another person said.

‘I’ve gone off their burgers. Every time the chicken doesn’t taste right,’ a commenter said.

‘This is why I will never eat it! This happens all the time,’ another commenter added.