After an Australian resident was cautioned and handcuffed by the police for not wearing a mask against the COVID-19 or CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, his young daughter sat on his lap, preventing him from being taken to jail.

The events occurred in a park in George’s Hall, 15 miles from Sydney, where a passerby filmed the scene and tried to intervene on behalf of the detainee, the Daily Mail reported on Aug. 30.

The father stated he had been arrested after asking officers to clear up a warning about a public health violation, while officers claim to have handcuffed him for failing to comply with the site’s health regulation.

When police questioned the man who was sitting on the ground in handcuffs, he refused to answer until his little girl was next to him, as she was on her own.

So, the police called the little girl who was nearby, and upon and she sat on her father’s lap, completely changing the atmosphere, as everyone then appeared to calm down.

Meanwhile, the passerby who was filming everything intervened saying that the detainee had not committed any infraction, so he was asking for the police to be more rational, but when he was warned by the officers that he was interfering with their work, he stayed silent, but continued to record the scene that was unfolding.

Finally, the officers decided to release the father and removed the handcuffs, and then issued him a fine.

The situation in Australia has become so tense due to the imposition of restrictions on the mobility of citizens that fines can reach $500 for not wearing a mask.

In this region of the country, residents can only leave the house for reasons that have been established as essential, including authorized work, exercise, health care, the purchase of vital products, or vaccination.

There is also a requirement to wear facemasks in all indoor public places such as stores, offices, and common areas in apartment buildings, as well as outdoors unless exercising.

In the areas most affected by the pandemic, soldiers are intervening to prevent people from leaving their homes more than once a day, and are going house to house to ensure that people who have tested positive for the virus are isolated.

For his part, the mayor of Cumberland, Steve Christou, where 60% of its 240,000 residents are foreign-born, criticized the government’s move and accused it of not knowing what they are doing.

“They have no other idea but to turn to the military as a last resort because they are at a loss as to the issues they have created,” Christou noted.

He added: “They are a poor community, they are a vulnerable community, and they don’t deserve these lockdowns or these prolonged and harsh measures that they have now been targeted with.”

Nearly 16 million Australians, almost two-thirds of the population, are under strict lockdown under the government’s new measures, while only 20% of their population is reported to be vaccinated.

The contradictions and confusion created around the use of vaccines against the CCP virus continue even a year and a half after the virus emerged, and some even consider them to be unnecessary.

Recently, a new Israeli study shows how natural immunity develops after the person has contact with the virus generates considerably greater protection against the Delta variable of the coronavirus than that provided by two doses of the vaccine.

These results add to the debate about how little importance is given to naturally acquired immunity as opposed to vaccination-driven immunity in overcoming the pandemic.

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