U.S.-led coalition military facilities in Iraq came under rocket attack, killing one contractor and wounding six at the base near the city of Erbil, including one American. 

Coalition spokesman Col. Wayne Marotto reported on the delicate situation as the attack was claimed by one of the Iranian-linked terrorist groups, raising tensions in the Middle East, Reuters reported on Feb. 15. 

Faced with a series of similar attacks just over a year ago, coalition forces responded effectively and as the terrorists were planning an attack, the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Qasem Soleimani, who was responsible for the deaths of Americans, was killed.

A warning to Iraq

The United States had already warned Iran at the time to stop rocket attacks on U.S. bases.

But Iran’s militias in Iraq, led by Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and his Kataib Hezbollah, the Islamic Resistance Movement of Iraq, stepped up their attacks using 107 mm Katyusha rockets, according to The Jerusalem Post. 

President Biden’s response sets the stage in the Middle East

At this point Biden’s response is anxiously awaited, given that he had already announced his tendency to make peace with Iran and possibly retake the nuclear pact, from which former President Donald Trump had split. 

According to investigations, despite Iran’s commitment to limit its uranium production for the production of nuclear bombs, it was continuing this work in secret.

The attack on the facilities near Erbil is serious, and it remains to be seen whether the attackers will get away with it, which in turn could embolden them to escalate the attacks or see whether the U.S. will retaliate.

The dozens of executive orders signed by Biden in his first weeks in the White House raised concerns because they consistently dismantle the successful legacy created during Trump’s administration.

One example is the adherence to the Paris accord and the controversial theories on climate change, thus destroying the generation of hundreds of thousands of jobs linked to the powerful and flourishing energy industry, which will now be seriously affected. 

Another example is the deactivation of border controls, now the entry of large numbers of illegal aliens threatens to increase the risks associated with human trafficking, the entry of criminal gang members, and drug smuggling, all of which threaten the lives of Americans. 

In addition, the presence of several high-ranking Biden appointees with a history of service under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) raises further doubts about Biden’s approach, although previous actions may be an indicator of his next decision in the face of attacks by pro-Iranian groups.