This month, a pack of monkeys in a small Indian village took “revenge” on the local dogs.

Locals in Maharashtra’s Beed district, roughly 300 miles east of Mumbai, told News 18 that the monkeys started the rampage after some of the dogs had killed an infant monkey. Since then, the monkeys have completely killed all of the dogs.

A dog chases a monkey on Dec. 18, 2021 (HOT NEWS/ Screenshot via TheBL/ Youtube)

According to local media, a crew of raging primates carried over 250 dogs to the tops of buildings and trees, then threw them off from a significant height to the ground. The monkeys now also directed their target at the villagers.

After that, residents contacted forest department officials to catch the monkeys. However, the officials were unable to catch a single monkey.

The villagers attempted to capture the animals on their own, but the monkeys are now chasing locals and small children in Lavool, and some have even been attacked. The attack has caused a panic in the community.

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