Indonesian researchers say the volcano that erupted and collapsed a week ago has lost both volume and height since the eruption and the resulting deadly tsunami.

Scientists at Indonesia’s Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation say Anak Krakatoa is about a quarter of its former size.

The researchers have been unable to get close to the mountain because it is still erupting. Instead they have used radar satellite information to make their estimates.

The center says Anak Krakatoa has a current volume of 40-70 million cubic meters, after losing 150-180 million cubic meters of volume since the eruption Dec. 22.

The crater’s peak was 338 meters high in September, but is now 110 meters high, according to the center.

Anak Krakatoa, which means Child of Krakatoa, is a remnant of Krakatoa, the volcano that erupted in 1883 and triggered a period of global cooling.

Source: VOA news

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