Police have launched an investigation in South Korea after a doctor performed an abortion on the wrong woman.

In early August, police said a 6-week pregnant woman went to a clinic in Seoul for an injection of nutritional supplements.

The nurse reportedly injected the woman with anesthesia without first confirming her identity, and the doctor had performed the abortion without checking her identity either. The victim, a Vietnamese woman fell asleep not knowing that a doctor was going to conduct an abortion.

Police announced they will investigate the nurse and doctor in charge during the incident.

“The doctor and nurse have acknowledged their fault,” a police official said. They are now being accused of professional negligence resulting in bodily harm.

Abortion is illegal in South Korea and is punishable by up to a year in prison. Exceptions are made in the case of heriditary diseases, if the fetus is threatening the life of the mother, or the pregnancy was due to rape or incest.