Recently, Malaysian singer Huang Mingzhi mocked the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on Facebook after donating two million doses of Sinovac to Malaysia.

He wrote, “Although the CCP initially concealed the epidemic, shirked its responsibilities, and spread the virus to the world; but now it is willing to take actual actions to make compensation. This spirit of remedying the situation is commendable. This can be considered as compensation for the sacrifices of Dr. Li Wenliang, Zhang Zhan, and Chen Qiushi. I am really touched.”

“Although Sinovac’s effectiveness is extremely low, you still have to thank others for the things they send you,” he added.

Huang Mingzhi’s post received over 50,000 likes in less than two days. 

Malaysian Health Minister Aham Baba stated on July 15 that the Malaysian government would use the U.S. Pfizer instead of Sinovac due to Sinovac’s low effectiveness. However, the CCP offered Malaysia two million doses of Sinovac during Foreign Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah’s official visit to China on Dec. 5.

The singer also posted a screenshot of Dr. Li Wenliang’s letter. He said, “At first, I also believed that they (the CCP) did not conceal the epidemic until I saw that they forced their doctor to sign this paper … No one hates the Chinese. We all respect Dr. Li Wenliang. RIP.”

He wrote in the comment section that people should not forget who concealed the pandemic and brought the virus to their country. As a result, over 30,000 Malaysians died, countless people lost their jobs, and companies were closed. Huang Mingzhi has a clear understanding of the CCP. His release of the song “Fragile” in October has drawn over 35 million views on youtube, in which he mocked the CCP’s “little pinks.”

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