Using the pandemic and alleged protocols as justification, the governor of a province in Argentina made headlines again for persecuting and terrorizing people using tactics learned from the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with whom he has a close relationship.

This time an investigation by a national media revealed that pregnant women in the inland town of Las Lomitas, must flee and hide in the bush, where they receive help from the native community to prevent the authorities, by order of Gov. Gildo Insfrán, from performing a forced cesarean section and taking their newborns away from them.

The news network TN made the report and interviewed a group of pregnant women hiding in the bush in the northwest province of Formosa who gave their testimony covering their faces so as not to be identified.

“We have been here for a long time and we are afraid of the police. When the day comes, they arrive at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning, they come looking for us with horses,” said one of the women, visibly terrified.

Emiliana, 22, recently became a mother and the police separated her from her newborn son. “In the afternoon they came to see me and told me that the baby had to be sent to Formosa. They gave me an injection and when I woke up I was alone in the room,” the young mother recalled.

These women explain that there is extensive persecution by the provincial government and in their testimony they desperately ask for help.

In the Clarín newspaper report, the Formosa authorities explain that it is part of the protocol to take the children separately and argue that it is a “prevention” measure.

However, according to elPaí, a Spanish digital media, Formosa has only registered 807 people infected and 9 deaths from the CCP Virus since the pandemic began, certainly a figure far from justifying the outrage with something as delicate as the birth of a baby that needs to be in contact with the mother as soon as it comes out of the womb.

Unbridled, unjustified and authoritarian measures

In December 2020, Formosa made headlines for repeated allegations of keeping people who were allegedly in contact with someone infected with the Chinese virus in isolation for more than 24 days in “isolation centers.”

These makeshift centers in schools do not meet any of the objectives of “isolation”: Four people crammed into small rooms and long lines to use a restroom among dozens of people.

Along with this, all the people detained there, tested negative for the Chinese virus up to four times during their detention but were not released, as if they were criminals.

Sandro Cabana, a 25-year-old electrician, who was taken from his home by the police to one of these centers, said: “They lied to us. They said that in two or three hours we would be back in the house, but they took us to an isolation center where we stayed for 24 days, with three negative swabs.”

María Laura Rodríguez and her two daughters, aged 7 and 8, said how the police came to pick up her family after midnight after her husband tested positive.

He was taken by ambulance, although he was asymptomatic, and they were taken in a minibus. They continued and  between one and four in the morning they went house to house picking up other close contacts. “My daughter was very frightened when she saw her dad being taken somewhere else and asked why they wouldn’t let her sleep. It was very stressful,” she recalls.

“In the isolation center we were sharing a bathroom with 30 people—how do you ensure hygiene like that to prevent the spread of the virus?” questioned María Laura Rodríguez.

A profile of a dictator trained by the Chinese communist regime

Insfrán is a member of the Justicialist Party, which was founded by Juan Domingo Perón, an admirer of the dictator Mao Zedong, who called the Chinese communist revolution, in which millions of people were murdered, an “example.”

Insfrán began his political activism in the Revolutionary Communist Party, and later joined the Justicialist Party, which also has its roots in Maoism.

In 2003 he reformed the provincial constitution so that he could be re-elected indefinitely.

Today he has been governor of the poorest province in Argentina for 25 years, with almost half of its population living in extreme poverty.

In August 2020, Insfrán participated in a virtual meeting with leaders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), where they supposedly exchanged “advice” on the political “model” to fight poverty, a highly false premise since one governs the poorest province of his country, and the others a country with 80% of the population living in poverty.

According to Infobae, an Argentine digital media, since 2016 the Justicialist Party has been sending delegations of politicians to “train” and “learn firsthand about the political and economic regime of the Asian giant.”

Based on these “trainings” it would seem that Insfrán has learned quite well how to repress people and perpetuate his power, just like the leaders of the CCP.

Similarities between the Chinese communist dictatorship and Insfrán’s regime

The forced cesarean sections of women in Formosa bear a marked similarity to the practice with the forced abortions carried out by the CCP under the one-child policy, which was supposedly abolished a few years ago, and the sterilizations of Uighur women in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.

Saving the difference in the objective of each, in both cases something as sensitive as the life a woman carries in her womb is violated, as well as her privacy and the trauma it generates in a person is a lifelong scar.

The unjustified detentions under the pretext of Insfrán’s pandemic are very similar to the arbitrary arrests in China, a tactic used to intimidate people and generate fear in the population, with the clear message of “never challenge the government’s authority.”

Insfrán’s reform of the constitution to remain in power indefinitely, is a Chinese communist characteristic, where since 1949 there are no more elections and power is passed between factions of the CCP.

Using the sense of patriotism to manipulate the armed forces

All historical dictatorships, including Nazism, Maoism, Leninism, always appealed to the sense of patriotism in order to manipulate those people who feel they are defending their “country” or fulfilling an altruistic goal as a motivational driving force.

To that end, there also must be a context where the dictator can defame the group to be persecuted. Hilter did it with the Jews, Jiang Zemin of the CCP with Falun Dafa practitioners, and so did Insfrán under the pandemic against those who opposed him.

In a recently leaked video, one person managed to record the moment when “Gildo’s police” trained with a chant,

“One, two, three. Make way and pay attention, here comes the best of the best.
RDD (Rapid Displacement Detachment) is going to pass.
Gildo in Formosa is going to triumph”.

Insfrán used the RDD to violently repress the protests that took place last week when people took to the streets after the governor announced that the province would return to Phase 1 of total quarantine.

Editor’s note: The article is based on reports from,, which are in Spanish only.

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