Archbishop Emeritus of Guadalajara, Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iñiguez, was censored on Facebook after posting a video suggesting that billionaire Bill Gates, as well as globalist leaders, are using the CCP Virus pandemic to establish a “new world order.”

Facebook put a “false information” label on a post by the cardinal, which reads, “This publication repeats information about COVID-19 that independent fact checkers deemed false.”

Cardinal also criticized the founder of Microsoft for giving himself the attributes of a prophet in predicting the outbreak of deadly diseases, according to IBTimes.

During 2018 the Gates Foundation proposed a scenario in which the human race was about to be hit by a deadly pandemic that would kill millions in six months.

Archdiocesan Seminary of Guadalajara published the following message, “Cardinal Juan Sandoval denounced the imposition of a new world order, hours later his video was censored.”

In the video titled “Plot of a New World Order” you can see the cardinal’s message, “This pandemic won’t end in a month or two months, perhaps not this year, perhaps not in three, four, five, six years. That’s what these men want,” he warns.

He went on to question Gates, saying, “It turns out, coincidentally, that a laboratory in Atlanta, of which Bill Gates is a benefactor, has a strain of smallpox, so we are prepared for this new pandemic.”

Sandoval also talked about closing businesses and services, saying that such measures were unnecessary to prevent the spread of the virus.

“They want a single world government, a single army, a single currency, a single economy, and also a single religion—that will certainly not be the Christian religion,” he continued.

“It will be the religion of Mother Earth, in the name of humanity and universal brotherhood,” the cardinal said in his message.

The cardinal added that the pandemic served to weaken nations, impoverish them, and put them in debt, thus affecting their economies. In his message, he also pointed out that they weakened education by closing schools and replacing them with distance education.

He also questioned the fact that with the pandemic, the number of faithful who can go to pray at their places of worship was reduced due to their closures.

Facebook, as well as other Big Tech, is being criticized for its active participation in the censorship of users who question the official narratives on various current issues.

Twitter Inc. registered a loss of capital in its shares in the stock market of more than $2.5 billion on Jan. 11 after suspending President Trump’s account, which actively denounced that in the United States a massive electoral fraud was carried out in which foreign actors had participated.