Anonymous hacked the UN website on Thursday, Dec. 23, creating a post titled “Thanks to Anonymous, Taiwan returns to the UN once again before Christmas!” that contained several pro-Taiwan links, according to Taiwan News. 

A Reddit user with the name, “Allez-opi_omi,” posted on his account the nine links that the international hacker group called “Anonymous” placed on the United Nations (UN) website aimed at promoting Taiwan having a representative after it was removed from the organization in favor of communist China in 1971.

The links included Taiwan’s flag, its national emblem, audio of its national anthem and material satirizing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

One of them was the music video of renowned Malaysian rapper Namewee with Australian singer Kimberley Chen, both residents of Taiwan, singing “Fragile” (Mandarin Chinese for “crystal heart”), a song that reached millions of views on YouTube and infuriated the Chinese regime.

The controversial Malaysian singer-songwriter has also been accused by the Chinese regime of advocating Hong Kong independence. Although the song does not mention anything directly, it makes all sorts of allegories in reference to various issues in China, including the slave labor camps in Xinjiang, where the Chinese regime keeps ethnic and religious minorities locked up. 

On the UN page, the hackers further posted about Ukraine proposing a “small idea for a Ukrainian peace plan,” in which they ‘advise’ the international organization to take over the Ukrainian government until a referendum is held asking voters to choose whether they prefer Ukraine to become independent, remain a part of Ukraine as it is, or join Russia.

They also added a link to the iconic song “It’s Been a Long, Long Time,” which was a hit at the end of World War II and was now used in the Marvel Avengers movie for the scene where Captain America travels back in time to the past and decides to stay to live with his lost love Peggy.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) considers Taiwan as part of its territory and has been threatening to take back the island by force.

“Taiwan has no right to join the United Nations,” said Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, Deutsche Welle (DW) reported.

“The United Nations is an international governmental organization composed of sovereign states… Taiwan is a part of China.”

After the hack of the UN website, Allez-opi_omi said that one of the goals was to promote Taiwan so “We simply walked right in to take advantage of a vulnerability where files can be somehow arbitrarily uploaded.” 

This trick had already been executed on the UN website to promote Taiwan’s inclusion to the international organization. On February 4, 2020, Taiwan published that the hacker group “Anonymous” had created a new page on the server of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

At that time several fanatical users of the hacker group came out to encourage their actions in favor of Taiwan, and made several comments. The hacked web page could not be removed by the UN for 14 hours. 

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