The rigid restrictions of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) zero COVID policy have generated disastrous consequences such as lack of food, medicine and medical treatment, and an economic crisis. With the aggravation of strong police repression, the situation is already untenable, and people no longer know what it is to live in dignity.

Since the beginning of the pandemic and since the CCP’s zero COVID policy was implemented, many people have denounced on social networks the violent treatment by the police. For example they suffer for not wearing their masks, for not having a green QR health code, or for keeping their stores open for business.

Chinese cyber-surveillance is very effective, with its censors working around the clock. No publication that challenges or contradicts the CCP goes unnoticed. However, a video of police repression went viral, and suspiciously was not removed from the internet. It was uploaded by the police on September 11 on Weibo.

It is unclear officers’ intention who uploaded the video to the website, although it is possible that it is a warning, for those who do not comply with the rules of the zero COVID policy.

The images show the owner of a vegetable stall in Chengdu, trying to explain to police why he decided to open his business. In response, the man receives only ill-treatment from the security officers as he is dragged away by three policemen as if he were a criminal.

The video posted by the police provoked an outpouring of criticism.

One user said, “The scariest thing is that this video was taken and posted by police officers, who think they did ‘a good thing.'”

Another commented, “Are these cops or bandits?”

On the other hand, after several months of lockdowns and closures, markets are in crisis and their groceries are reaching expiration dates. They are desperate to save their businesses and dared to open their stores.

The residents of Chengdu, Sichuan, have been locked in their homes since September 1 and subjected to continuous rounds of nucleic acid testing. Also, only one person per family can leave home to buy essential supplies.

Another incident of police cracking down on shopkeepers occurred in Dongxing District, Sichuan on September 10. Police posted a notice on Weibo.

A group of inspectors and pandemic prevention and control police showed up at a fruit shop that was open for business. They immediately demanded the store owner close, up shop but Wu Mou, 38, reportedly tried to explain himself.

He was Immediately arrested, allegedly for having violated the provisions of the Law on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases.

The complaint published on the social networks, explains that the seller, mentioned as a delinquent, is arrested according to Article 1of the law for committing an illegal act, by allegedly refusing to comply with orders in a state of emergency.

It is known that Chinese, during mandatory confinement, has suffered from lack of food. There were many complaints. People in some cities demonstrated from their apartment buildings asking for food.

Today, China seems to live in an upside-down world, where a worker is treated as a criminal, while people cry out for food from the window of their homes, and if any of them dares to even claim their right to freedom, they are repressed, and even imprisoned. How long will the great Chinese people tolerate this situation?

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