The enormous number of followers that so-called “pagan saints” or “diabolical saints” such as San la Muerte, Jesús Malverde, and Maximón have gained in the USA and Latin America is a cause for concern. Moreover, many serious crimes such as murders and drug trafficking are carried out daily in the name of these demonic entities. 

What was once a sort of passing game for small groups is now turning into a genuinely massive cult of satanic characters, generally created by drug trafficking groups, who are worshipped and offer rituals that often involve human sacrifice and suicide pacts.

Santa Muerte is one of these “saints” that has acquired enormous prominence in certain sectors of the population, mainly of Latin origin. 

The character is a cross between the grim reaper and the Virgin of Guadalupe, patron saint of Mexico. It wears a white tunic and can often be seen wielding a scythe and a globe.

This supposed “saint” is a favorite among many drug trafficking groups of Mexican and Central American origin who have managed to create an important religious movement, praying to her many times daily and asking for protection, riches, and “silence” to cover up their crimes.

They claim that Santa Muerte, like other “saints” of the same style, likes tequila, cigarettes, sweets, and human blood, and through this argument, they perform all kinds of rituals and offerings when making their requests.

“The narcos and the gangs all believe in the power of prayer,” said Robert Almonte, a Texas-based security consultant and former deputy chief of the El Paso Police Department who specializes in narcotics. “They believe that the saints will protect them no matter what they do—and that’s dangerous because it emboldens the traffickers who truly believe they can get away with murder and still go to heaven.”

According to authorities, since the unleashing of the deep immigration crisis in the United States, thousands of criminals and drug traffickers have been allowed almost unrestricted entry. As a result, it is increasingly common to see altars where pseudo Saints are worshiped.

According to the Catholic Herald, the movement is growing, with estimates of up to 12 million devotees in Mexico and now also in the United States,

Altars to Santa Muerte are erected in thousands of private homes, and larger statues are erected in public plazas in generally impoverished parts of Mexico. There is also a shrine to Santa Muerte, with several life-size sculptures of the saint, in an industrial area of Las Vegas.

Whenever you see an altar to this type of “saint,” you will notice the many offerings left by the faithful. These range from food, alcoholic beverages, cigars, or even cash considered “Sacro Santos,” all his followers know that they are not allowed to touch that money; otherwise, they will face the wrath of the “Santo.”

The offerings often transcend these issues, moving into a dangerous and criminal scenario. Sometimes gruesome murders, including beheadings and human sacrifices committed by Mexican drug gangs, are carried out in the name of Santa Muerte, Almonte said.

In a 2016 interview, a Juarez Cartel hitman named Edgar described his worship. During a prison interview, he told documentary filmmakers that he would pray to the saint to make sure everything went as planned before each job.

“I actually sacrifice people for my Santa Muerte,” said Edgar, then 26. “The thing is, I kill to order, but I talk to her and say: Hey, I’m going on a job. Just make me hit, I’m going to give you that life, it’s for you.” Edgar claimed that he had killed 60 people on the orders of the Juarez Cartel.

This situation has become extremely dangerous because many people, especially young adolescents, find a “divine justification” to commit the most heinous crimes, losing all guilt or remorse for their actions.

To give one example, of so many that happen daily, two young foreign gang members of MS-13, also known as Mara Salvatrucha, have been sentenced to 40 years in prison this year after being accused of murdering a 15-year-old girl in Harris County, Texas, in a satanic ritual.

The two pleaded guilty to murdering the girl Genesis Cornejo in 2017 during a ritual where they admittedly offered her soul to Santa Muerte, Breitbart reported.

This situation has aroused the alarm of officials dedicated to national security. Still, little has been done, considering that these groups, misusing the right to freedom of belief, find legal arguments to continue professing their dangerous faith. 

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