A report provided by The Pharmaceutical Journal, published on Wednesday 23 June 2021, shows alarming spikes in the number of young people in the UK being prescribed antidepressants coinciding with periods of lockdown due to the CCP Virus. Similar data has been observed around the world, ringing alarm bells. 

The analysis focuses on data obtained from the National Health Service (NHS) for the UK, which indicated three distinct peaks in March 2020, November 2020, and January 2021.  

The first closure during the pandemic took place in March 2020, when, according to the register, antidepressants were prescribed to 27,757 young people up to 17, corresponding to an 8% increase compared to March 2019.  

Beryl Navti, a mental health pharmacist in London, told the journal regarding the observed spikes that “antidepressants are prescribed for both depression and anxiety disorders, and if we are saying that levels of anxiety increased amongst some young people during these periods, it makes sense that there would have been a corresponding increase in prescribed medication.” 

She added: “In patients already diagnosed with anxiety disorders or depression and prescribed medication, there could have been increase in demand for repeat prescriptions every time a lockdown was announced.” 

Two further peaks of 17,311 and 17,088 antidepressant prescriptions for female patients were observed around the time of the second and third lockouts, in December 2020 and January 2021, respectively. 

The stress, fear, pain, isolation, and uncertainty created by the draconian lockdowns, which have also included prolonged school closures, continually eroded children and adolescents’ mental, emotional and physical health.  

In this regard, Breitbart reported that the Children’s Commissioner for England, Dame Rachel De Souza, described the phenomenon as “lockdown trauma,” in which children struggle to return to everyday life and social interactions, all of which creates hard to manage difficulties and anxiety disorders, often leading to the use of anxiolytics and antidepressants at young ages.  

The Telegraph’s data, published this week, indicates that around 1.5 million children and young people in the UK will need psychological treatment because they have problems readjusting to normal life, including “not knowing how to make friends” and “not knowing how to talk to others.” 

Specialists even describe children as young as five years old suffering acute anxiety attacks as a result. 

Child psychologists and doctors across the UK have also noted an increase in the number of children arriving at emergency departments with self-inflicted injuries, evidence that more and more children have a mental illness, and possibly associated with the confinement and isolation they have been forced to endure for long periods.  

Meanwhile, a BBC investigation revealed that the number of children aged nine to 12 self-harming had doubled in six years, and specialists noted that mental health problems were “increasing in this young age range.”

Child psychologist Maryhan Baker said the problem will worsen before it gets better, noting that children who may have been a little anxious about seclusion now exhibit “control behaviours” such as self-harm and eating disorders. 

On the issue of draconian lock-ups, former UK Supreme Court judge Lord Jonathan Sumption warned that the “cost” was not only in economic terms but also in human terms and described the effect of restraints on the ability to live full lives, as “inhumane.”  

“The policy of lockdown is a thoroughly inhumane policy which is due to one-track minds that can only think about deaths and not about life,” Sumption said. 

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