Chinese officials are scrambling to contain a new outbreak of the CCP Virus (coronavirus) across Beijing, as they recorded the highest number of cases in one day for the past two months.

Officials are alarmed at the development, as they had considered their lockdowns and travel restrictions to be enough to prevent the infection from spreading. A total of 79 cases have been reported in Beijing over the past four days, reported Fox News.

“Beijing has entered an extraordinary period,” city spokesman Xu Hejia told reporters.

On Monday, June 15, 49 new cases were announced, and 36 of them had close ties with the Xinfadi market, which was closed on Saturday, and 11 close residential areas were closed down. On Monday, after new cases were discovered, a further 10 residential areas were placed in lockdown.

Residents were ordered to quarantine at home and test for the virus. The 21 closed residential communities house around 90,000 people, and are clustered around both the Xinfadi market and a second seafood market in the Haidian District, where infections from the virus have been linked to Xinfadi.

“The risk of the epidemic spreading is very high, so we should take resolute and decisive measures,” Xu, a spokesman for the Beijing, said at a press briefing on Monday, according to the Guardian.

Xinfadi market in the Fengtai District is the biggest wholesale food market in Asia and is about 20 times bigger than the seafood market in Wuhan, where the virus was reportedly first detected, and the market accounts for around 80 percent of farm produce in Beijing according to Reuters.

On Thursday, the first case of the new outbreak of the CCP Virus was detected, after a 52-year-old man surnamed Tang was confirmed to be infected. On Friday, authorities reported another six cases—all of them, including Tang, linked to the Xinfadi market, reported The Guardian.

State media reported that at least two CCP officials were fired on Monday for “failing to implement” adequate preventions against infection by the virus. The market manager was also fired. All workers in Beijing have been ordered to test for the virus and any travelers who were in the city to self-isolate for two weeks.