The story of a man from Nigeria is proof that dreams come true, especially when you work hard and never lose faith. His dream of becoming a pilot if finally realized after 24 years of persistent work.

Around 24 years ago, Muhammed Abubakar started to work as an aircraft cleaner. It was not his first work choice. Abubakar went to Kaduna in northwestern Nigeria to apply at Kaduna Polytechnic before he was a cleaner. Unfortunately, he was unable to submit his application on time, and he was not admitted. He couldn’t stay unemployed, so he took a job at Kabo Air as an aircraft cleaner.

The pay wasn’t much, so no one thought he’d stay for long. He just earned N200 a day, which is about $0.5. However, Abubakar was persistent and soon he was promote to ground staff at the airline in Maiduguri. He served in nearly all the positions there and proved to be a diligent and productive employee. He said that working in this business has helped him gain knowledge and experience in the aviation industry.

Next Abubakar was given the opportunity to apply for a position at Kabo Air as a flight attendant, and he got the job after a solid performance.

He worked there for eight years, for an N17,000 (approximately US$47) monthly salary. After that, he went on as a flight attendant with Aero Contractors.

His sharp mind and past experience quickly paid off. The deputy managing director noticed him. His salary was N170,000 (US$469) now. He was unable to believe it. He tried to return the money when he got his first paycheck.

Instead of wasting his money thoughtlessly, Abubakar preferred to save it. He went to the CEO and told him of his dream of becoming a pilot. The director loved the idea and soon Abubakar was able to pay for his private pilot license in Canada. He completed his training successfully.

When Abubakar returned to Nigeria, he learned that he also needed a commercial pilot license, but he did not have enough money this time. This didn’t crush his spirit. He asked for help from the deputy managing director, and the company supported him because of his loyalty. For this permit, they sent him back to Canada and funded his training.

Abubakar finally got a job at Azman Air as a captain after eight years of hard work at Aero Contractors.

His path wasn’t easy, but his dedication and faith helped him to become all he ever dreamed of. Abubakar’s story is an example of how you can accomplish everything you want in life if you work hard and never lose hope. After all, unless you do, dreams will not work.