On Thursday, Dec. 9, it was reported from senior officials of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that the UAE Government has just ordered the suspension of Chinese construction activities after hearing that the U.S. responded that Beijing is building new military facilities in the UAE.

The UAE leader’s diplomatic adviser and former Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash said that the UAE ordered the suspension of construction work there at Washington’s request.

Gargash said, “We have stopped building these facilities, but our stance remains unchanged. These facilities are not (Chinese) military facilities.”

According to an article from the “Wall Street Journal” in November, U.S. intelligence agencies in the United Arab Emirates believe that a port near the capital Abu Dhabi is suspected of being a secret military facility. China built it in secret in the container of Far Shipping Group—a shipyard business.

The Biden administration warned the UAE government that China’s military presence could worsen relations between the two countries.

On Thursday, the United States and the UAE had a frank dialogue on this issue.

Garjas said that the UAE does not want to get caught up in the competition between China and the US in the Middle East. China is currently one of the UAE’s largest trading partners.

Brett McGurk, the US National Security Council’s Middle East Coordinator, who attended the forum on Thursday, said that we know our position very well: if there is any activity that harms us, we won’t let them get what they want.

“The Chinese sometimes say one thing and do another, and the whole world knows about it.”

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