A male lecturer from the University of Calabar, Nigeria, is being celebrated on social media network for babysitting twins for his student while she writes her examinations.

The lecturer identified as Frederick Bassey took to his Twitter timeline to let the world know that having a baby doesn’t stop you from achieving your dreams.

According to Bassey, the student was writing a statistics exam and he knew she would need help looking after her twins while she wrote the exam.

So, he decided to babysit the babies for her so she could properly write her exam.

The photo was shared by the lecturer on his Twitter page and it also came with an expression of compassion, Bassey wrote:

“So one of my students with twins had statistics exams today and I know how stressful it could be writing exams and babysitting, so I took the babysitting responsibility till she was through with the paper.”

“These women who juggle parenting responsibilities and school responsibilities are the real heroes. I don’t know how ya’ll do that.”


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