An intergovernmental organization should do more to stop human rights violations in Afghanistan, activists said on Oct. 26.

Several Afghans protested against the United Nations’s (UN’s) inaction on alleged mistreatment of females. The Taliban regime recently closed multiple girls’s schools, and demonstrators consider this to be a clear example of women’s repression.

Dozens of activists assembled, raised posters and chanted slogans to express grievances outside the United Nations Assistance Mission in Kabul, according to Breitbart.

Demonstrators demanded a woman’s right to “education’ and “work.”

“History will be ashamed of the silence of the UN,” they said according to the publication.

A previous protest outside the Afghan Ministry of Education in Kabul ended with Taliban fighters allegedly assaulting about 20 women and a foreign journalist.

“Half of Afghanistan’s population has been removed,” protester Marjan Amiri said at the time. “We are deprived of our rights.”

The Taliban quickly seized the presidential palace on Aug. 15. Then-President Ashraf Ghani fled after the Biden administration decided to withdraw U.S. troops from the Middle Eastern country.

One of the regime’s first actions was to close schools that educate women, confine females to home, and temporarily forbid them from working.

“We are asking women to stay home at the moment,” spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid previously said. “There are security concerns and once we have that under control, our sisters will be able to return to work.”

A senior official from one of the UN’s arms previously claimed he was “quite optimistic” the Taliban would let girls return to school.

“[UNICEF has] not had a single issue with the Taliban,” the representative said according to Breitbart.

The remarks came despite growing concerns that women who fail to comply could face brutal treatment and even death.

Volleyball player Mahjabin Hakimi was recently beheaded for “disobeying” a Taliban order to stop training.

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