A controversial climate protester’s partnership with a ex-con musician has severely backfired.

People are outraged after Greta Thunberg made a special appearance with rapper 1.Cuz in a Swedish vaccination campaign against the Chinese Communist Party Virus.

Sputnik News reported social network users blasted a very confusing black and white photo of the ski mask-clad singer embracing the 18-year-old, with the slogan “súbete la manga” that translates into ‘roll up your sleeve.’

“Is anyone else completely creeped out and confused by this, or is it just me?” OhComfy said on Twitter. “Would you guess this is a vaxx ad? You probably also think they are really selling hamburgers.”

“If you want a time imprint and a picture proof of how derailed Sweden had become in 2021, this picture will be excellent in the history books in the future,” one Instagram user commented according to the publication.

“Is this for real? I am rolling down then!” another reacted.

A different user suggested the two are perfect partners in crime, saying “Greta and a gang criminal. Good taste.”

Even Swedish journalist Ivar Arpi chimed in that the image reflects “our era in a nutshell.”

Somali born 1.Cuz is becoming increasingly popular in Sweden with his music that explores drug deals, criminal gangs, and hatred towards police. He has built a mysterious reputation for himself by always wearing a mask and never revealing his real name. He openly admitted to committing a felony and serving a two-year prison sentence.

The joint appearance added further criticism to the vaccination campaign. Staunch critic Björn Werner believes the photo shoot did nothing more than “boost the ego of celebrities.” The Göteborgs-Posten head of culture described campaign funds spent as a waste of money because Swedes are very hesitant about the jab.

This is not the first time Greta and 1.Cuz appeared together. The rapper supported Thunberg at a 2020 Fridays for Future protest. At the event she urged students to skip class and ask the government to take tougher action against so-called climate change. Climate change is a theory that holds burning fossil fuels creates carbon emissions, allegedly influencing long-term weather patterns.

Thunberg did not have the best start of 2021 after Indian authorities launched a criminal investigation into her alleged role in inciting farmer riots across the country. The activist has already been charged with “criminal conspiracy and promoting enmity.”

Meanwhile, her first television program in London suffered disappointing audience ratings despite the BBC’s efforts to promote and air it during prime time at 9 p.m.

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