A warehouse in Shuyang County caught on fire and it’s a story that remains silent

At 4:08 pm on December 1st, a fire broke out in the warehouse of Jiangsu Haoyu Industrial Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Province.

The building on site was a single-story steel-concrete warehouse with a height of 8 meters. The main burning substance was 300 boxes of 42 % liquor.

The fire covered a huge area of 700 square meters, with black smoke spiraling into the sky that people could see from far away. There are many videos of the fire that were recorded by residents from other buildings. No casualties were reported.

The fire brought down the whole buildings, and the videos were widely spread on the internet. Yet, The Haoyu Company has an even bigger story that is covered by NTD News.

Businesswoman Wang Gendi, who was in charge of Haoyu company, came to Shuyang in 2006. On December 10th of the same year, Haoyu Company signed an investment agreement with the Shuyang District Government. Wang planned to invest 39,24 million USD within three years. The company will set up industrial projects in the Shuyang Economic Development Zone, including investments in medical equipment, stainless steel products, electric vehicle manufacturing, and real estate development.

However, Wang Gendi said that after they legally acquired more than 100 acres of commercial land and built eight commercial houses of more than 20,000 square meters, they were robbed by a woman named Rongli and Si Dongliang Deputy District Judge. Wang Gendi brought the matter to several courts but to no avail.

Chen Yingqun, Wang Gendi’s daughter, Haoyu Company’s legal representative, told the media that they were beaten and robbed by the local authorities.

Chen said:
“There is no king’s law in Shuyang, and life in Shuyang is threatened at any time.”

Many years later, in 2013, famous blogger Zhou Xiaoyun published an article on his QQ page.

The post revealed details that Si Dongliang used a fake judge certificate and fake ID cards to conduct real estate business.

In May 2011, Zhou Xiaoyun also revealed that Si Dongliang, along with other members of the Standing Committee of Sucheng District, Suqian City, had transferred 1.26 million USD to the mysterious woman named Rongli.

According to the investigation, the mysterious woman named Rongli is Si Dongliang’s aunt.

After the incident, Si’s partner was sentenced to 17 years in prison on January 16th, 2012, for embezzling public funds and accepting bribes.

Rong Li and Si Dongliang were not pressed with any legal charges.

In April 2013, Si Dongliang was dismissed from his position as Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of Jiangsu Farmers Training College.

Zhou Xiaoyun’s article also said that locals revealed that Si Dongliang and his extended family are a local family-based governance that controls nearly all vital local institutions.

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