The Norwegian Postal Service company launched a Christmas advertisement showing a controversial homosexual romance between Santa Claus and a man named Harry. The ad includes explicit images of a passionate kiss between the two men.

The video released Monday was titled “When Harry met Santa,” which quickly went viral not only in Norway but around the world. 

The publicity was well received and praised by progressive sectors that promote LGBT ideology. On the contrary, in conservative circles, the advertisement was understood as yet another attempt at child indoctrination that seeks to normalize and even promote homosexuality. 

The name of the advertisement, “When Harry Met Santa,” is meant as a satire of the 1989 hit movie “When Harry Met Sally.” 

The nearly 4-minute video tells the story of Harry, a man in his 60s who meets Santa Claus at his home before he flees up the chimney.

That first encounter shows a sort of “love connection” between the two, although it was only for a few moments because Santa Claus has to continue with his busy work of delivering presents. 

Then, several images show Harry eager to have a little encounter with Santa Claus every Christmas. Even some small moments of intimacy are shown, such as when Harry sleeps on the couch while Santa sits in a nearby chair watching him.

“You’re snoring,” Santa says as Harry opens his eyes and watches him with evident joy. “I’ll be back next year,” he says before vanishing again.

Eager to meet Santa again, the protagonist decides to write him a letter the following Christmas that reads, “All I want for Christmas is you.” Finally, the postal service takes over some of the Christmas gift delivery volume, which gives the ever-busy Santa more time and makes the reunion with Harry possible.

Finally, the two close the spot with a passionate kiss.

The ad was launched on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in the Scandinavian country.

Since its publication, the video has already accumulated more than 227,000 views and thousands of comments for and against the representation of Santa Claus as homosexual.

Some progressive politicians, such as Canadian House of Commons member Randall Garrison, thanked Posten Norge for such a “strong and moving message of inclusion.”

In parallel, many others question the originality of the idea. “Only thing you have done is ruined what Christmas means to people, Santa’s not real but he’s not Gay either, who ever made this needs to have a long hard look in the Mirror because not even gay people are happy about this,” opined one Twitter user.

Well-known British businesswoman, Josephine Wood, also spoke out against the advertisement saying, “That is just not right…he is married to Mrs Claus…I hate that !!” 

The concern for the conservative sectors is the evident worldwide campaign that tries to promote homosexual culture in children, not only with the aim of achieving ‘tolerance of the different’ but for promoting it as something good.

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