Last Monday, April 4, as a result of a night raid that took place in Burkina Faso, a West African country, an 83-year-old nun was kidnapped by armed men. The news was confirmed this Tuesday by Bishop Théophile Naré of the town of Kaya.

Sister Suellen Tennyson of the Congregation of Marianite Sisters of the Holy Cross, of American nationality, has served in the community of nuns in Yalgo since 2014, the bishop said in the statement.

He further added, “On the night of Monday 4 to Tuesday 5 April 2022, Unidentified Armed Men (UAM) visited the community of nuns in Yalgo Parish of the Diocese of Kaya. They abducted Sister Suellen Tennyson, from the Congregation of Marianite Sisters of the Holy Cross.”

“Sr. Suellen Tennyson was taken to an unknown destination by her kidnappers who, before leaving, vandalized rooms (and) damaged the community vehicle, which they attempted to take with them,” he added.

The New York Post pointed out that the West African country where the nun was kidnapped is overrun by terrorists, members of ISIS and Al Qaeda.

In this context, the African Center for Strategic Studies in Washington reported that attacks by fighters linked to ISIS and al-Qaeda have quadrupled since 2017 in that African country.

The Washington Post reported in June 2021 that Islamist terrorists also attacked Christians in the same place.

As reported by the WP, the villagers were surprised by armed men who violently stole jewelry and executed four Christians.

Both ISIS and Al Qaeda have terrorized the world community with different attacks worldwide. The kidnapping of the American nun does not appear to be an isolated case. However, the US embassy in Burkina Faso has not yet issued an official statement.

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