According to Peru’s civil defense police commander, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck northern Peru on Sunday, Nov. 28, at least four people were injured and 220 houses were damaged.

The earthquake also destroyed a 16th-century Catholic church tower.

“We have four injuries that are very minor, but they are being treated in medical centers,” Peru’s civil defense police chief Carlos Yañez said according to USA Today.

At 5:52 p.m. local time, the earthquake hit the sparsely populated area.

The quake occurred nearly 70 miles beneath the Earth’s surface, which can decrease the level of destruction to buildings and infrastructure.

The quake struck hours after a magnitude 5.1 earthquake rocked the Lima region with its epicenter on the outskirts of Lima.

After the second quake, Hernando Tavera, the Peruvian Institute of Geophysics chairman, said there were at least four aftershocks, and he urged people to expect more.

According to the U.S. National Weather Service, there were no tsunami warnings or threats declared as a result of the quake.

Walter Culqui, mayor of Jalca Grande, stated that “60 or 70%” of the 3,000 families in his city suffered some destruction to their homes. Culqui added that three persons were slightly injured in the incident.

The mayor also stated that the city would require machines to remove rubble from blocked highways and shattered homes. Officers and volunteers from the National Police Service tweeted photos of them removing huge rocks from the road.

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo Terrones, accompanied by emergency management personnel, visited the hardest-hit communities.

“Maximum attention is placed on the Amazon and areas affected by the recent earthquake.” said Mirtha Vásquez, the head of Peru’s Council of Ministers.

Earthquakes are widespread in Peru’s Pacific Ring of Fire, accounting for 85% of the planet’s seismic activity.

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