A surge in illegal border crossings prompted Bulgaria to deploy hundreds of troops to secure the country’s borders on Nov. 1.

The Department of Defense has sent 350 soldiers to support migration police at the borders between Bulgaria, Turkey, and Greece.

“350 people with some 40 units of equipment have been sent,” Defense Minister Georgi Panayotov said according to Euronews

Minister of the Interior Boyko Rashkov revealed the number of undocumented and unlawful immigrants arrested tripled in the past year to 6,500.

About 14,000 migrants, who tried to enter the country between January and August, have already been rejected according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Once detained migrants are sent to reception centers, where some 3,500 of them remain. This includes 950 from Afghanistan.

They usually want to continue their journey to Western Europe, after crossing the border with Serbia or Romania.

Panayotov previously sent 700 soldiers to the border in August. Metal fences have been erected to prevent migrants from illegal entering from Turkey and other countries.

A growing number of countries are tightening their migrant intake, including Great Britain.

“The way forward for our country is not to just pull the big lever marked [as] uncontrolled immigration, and allow in huge numbers of people to do work,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson previously said. “I will not … go back to the old failed model of low wages, low skills supported by uncontrolled immigration.”

A different situation exists in the United States, where Biden administration policies arguably facilitate entry for millions of immigrants across the southern border.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and his counterparts in other states have taken border control measures of their own. They criticized the federal government for not finishing a new border wall that would have protected their states.

“One of the most important public-safety issues today is the need to protect against criminal activity, loss of life and injury to persons, and property damage caused by the surge in unlawful border crossings at the Texas-Mexico border,” Abbott previously said.

“We now have 6,500 National Guard and police department troops on the border to help protect the border,” he added. “As we are talking right now, they are identifying locations on the border, where they are putting up barbed wire to secure all possible crossings that these caravans can get to.”

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