A young mother in Belarus tragically died on her 21st birthday after her toddler daughter rolled up the car window on her neck.

Yulia Sharko tried to lift her 2-year-old baby out of the car through the front seat window, when the little girl hit the window button. 

Sharko’s neck became jammed in the window of the BMW E34.

Her husband, Arthur, found Sharko unconscious a short time after and broke the window to pull out her lifeless body.

The 21-year-old, an account manager, was rushed to Brest regional hospital in “grave condition with signs of mechanical asphyxia and traumas.” 

She passed away eight days after the incident. A local report said that “her brain suffered irreversibly due to to clamped arteries.”

The freak accident happened on Aug. 31 in the village of Staroe Selo.

The couple have two children, Margarita, 4, and Arianna, 2.

Police are currently investigating the accident of the young mother’s death.

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