Two-year-old Sofya Zakharova is a little different. The little girl has a skull deformity that makes her forehead wider than normal, and her fingers and toes are also fused together.

Destiny has not yet defined her. Sofya has been laughing, playing with watercolors like any happy child—just one who appears a bit different physically.

However, while trying to enroll their child in a nursery, Sofya’s parents got declined. 

“First, you need to arrange an operation so she can go to nursery school like an ordinary child,” her mother, Svetlana Zakharova, claims she was told by nursery staff, according to Metro.

Sofya lives in the poor living conditions in the Russian village of Alatany in the Bashkortostan region with her parents and both sets of grandparents. Their home has no heat, running water, gas, or stove. Her parents receive no disability help from the government, although a local charity called Rainbow Goodness helped pressure the school to accept Sofya—to no avail.

“They have such a catastrophe here,” said grandfather Sergei Mikhailov. “They said they would do the operation, but then were silent about this.”

Radiy Khabirov, head of the Republic of Bashkortostan, recently became involved in the family’s plight. “It’s already clear that the rights of the child and parents have been violated, and there will now be an appropriate legal assessment,” he said.