Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry says the second of Egypt’s three famed pyramids of Giza will open to tourists this week after the completion of restoration work that lasted about two months.

Wednesday’s statement says the pyramid of King Khafre, one of the three Great Pyramids gracing the Giza province south of Cairo, will be ready to receive tourists starting Thursday.

Ashraf Mohi al-Din, director of the Giza Plateau, said the restoration process included the staircases leading to the pyramid, changes to its internal lighting system and the bolstering of weak spots in its corridors and burial chamber.

The ministry says it will close down the third pyramid, that of King Menkaure, to start restoration there.

The famed Giza pyramids, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, date to the 4th dynasty during the Old Kingdom.

Source: The Associated Press

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