And why does president Trump “put a tall hat” on Chairman Xi Jinping?

The BL’s Expert on China, Walter will help us get a better understanding of recent events in Hong Kong, and China.

What we see unfolding in America is disgraceful compared to what is unfolding in Hong Kong. If you want to see what unity looks like, and what the need to unite for change actually looks like, don't look to the streets of Portland. Look to the streets of Hong Kong. America has lost its understanding of what a free society is, while in Hong Kong, they are uniting by the hundreds of thousands to remind us all of what we have taken for granted. Are you watching what’s going on in the streets of Hong Kong, or are you taking sides in the far left and far right tug of war on the streets of America? If it's the latter, I can tell you this, those taking to the streets in Hong Kong, would love to trade places with those taking to the streets in America, and I assure you, they won’t be burning flags or kneeling to the national anthem. For the BL, Im Rich Crankshaw, we’ll see ya next time.