Transfers of gang members in El Salvador

El Salvador transfers gang inmates to prison controlled by rivals to break gangs’ control

El Salvador has transferred 1,800 MS-13 and Barrio-18 inmates to prisons controlled by their rivals to break gangs’ control inside prisons. 

Authorities are saying that this way they can break the dominance of gangs in the Salvadoran penitentiary system.

Before, the members of each criminal gang were confined to a specific prison.

Now they will all be imprisoned together.

900 MS-13 criminals are transferred to Quezaltepeque prison, controlled by the inmates of Barrio 18.

Likewise, 900 of the Barrio 18 members are moved to Ciudad Barrios prison, where before only MS-13 criminals were imprisoned.

These rotations will be constant from now on within the framework of the Territorial Control Plan set in motion by the new President Nayib Bukele.

Authorities are using this measure to prevent prisoners from being in their comfort zone inside the prisons and from transmitting orders to the outside world.

Central America plans to curb illegal immigration

Central America has proposed to develop a special program against illegal immigration and unemployment in the region.

In the final declaration of the 17th Tuxtla Summit, recently held in Honduras, a dozen countries have agreed to generate massive employment in the Meso-American region.

The proposal is based on boosting national economies through alliances with the private sector in order to attract foreign investment.

Using this framework, they are committed to strengthen their joint fight against transnational organized crime, drugs, and corruption to promote sustainable development in the region.