TIAR targets Maduro and his collaborators

16 of the 19 countries of the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (or the TIAR) have agreed to make a list of the partners and criminal members of the Maduro regime.

After identifying them, these organizations and individuals will be investigated, pursued, or captured, and extradited.

In addition, they will be sanctioned and their assets located in the territories of the countries that have signed the agreement will be frozen.

The 16 countries will also establish a cooperation network to investigate human rights violations, corruption, drug trafficking, and terrorism.

They denounce Venezuela as a threat to the continent's security, after becoming a refuge for guerrillas and terrorist organizations.

“Narco-clowns” patrol the streets of Mexico

“Narco-clowns” patrol the streets of the state of Tamaulipas, northwest of Mexico.

A video on the web shows several alleged members of the violent Jalisco New Generation Cartel wearing clown masks and heavily armed.

The five individuals patrol the streets of Camargo in a van in broad daylight.

While drinking alcohol, they display their weapons to the camera.

This is the second video of masked and heavily armed drug traffickers of the Cartel in a period of a few weeks.

The ‘narco-clowns’ events occur when Tamaulipas Governor Francisco García wages a campaign against the criminal organization.

Brazilian President Bolsonaro attacks socialism in UN address

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro criticises Latin American socialist regimes in his United Nations inauguration speech.

On Tuesday, Bolsonaro opened the round of debates by condemning the governments of Cuba and Venezuela, describing them as dictatorships and urging their prompt defeat.

Bolsonaro said that his country was on the verge of socialism, which caused a situation of widespread corruption and attacks on religious values.

He states that Brazil is now a renewed country after he terminated the cooperation programs that require Brazil to send hundreds of millions of dollars to the Cuban regime.

Bolsonaro also highlights Brazil's endeavor to welcome the thousands of Venezuelans who have come to the country in search of a new life.

The Brazilian leader says his government is working to "prevent other countries in the region from experiencing this regime of socialism," which he considers nefarious.

Guatemala to probe UN CICIG

Guatemala has created a commission to investigate the controversial United Nations International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (or the CICIG).

After gaining majority support in Congress, the panel will investigate possible crimes committed by the questioned UN mission.

The commission may request information from the Guatemalan administration and other governments about the members of the independent body, which for years have assisted the Guatemalan government in its investigations.

It may also demand the dismissal of Guatemalan officials who have committed illegalities in complicity with the CICIG.

The investigation comes after Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales accuses the UN mission of violating laws and following the UN political agenda.