Listen to a great rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner!
The words are so solemn and true. If you really believe what you are saying, from a place of purity, you can really touch other people's hearts.
I have actually had people find me and tell me how they think
it is the greatest version that they ever heard.
When I sing that song I actually think about
what the soldiers must have felt like.
It is incredibly moving to me
because these people have sacrificed their lives, their lives,
for the freedoms that they believed in.
And that I believe comes through, my wonderment of it,
and my faith and my believe in these people
and my gratitude for all that they provided.
For me since I practice Falun Dafa
I read the lectures everyday,
and I try to apply exactly what I've learned in the lectures
to my life to help me through it.
And I hold it in my heart, try to look at things
through truthfulness, compassion and tolerance.
I wanna impact other people's life in that best way
that I could possibility impact them, right?
So if I am fragile, if I act like I am weak,
or feel weak all the time,
I look for my true inner strength,
and that comes from truthfulness, compassion and tolerance.
If I had an opportunity to sing the national anthem again,
I would sing it very differently, because I am very different.
I am not coming from a place of... like deep pain.
I absolutely can hear the difference
of all the pain that I had in my voice then,
and the lack of it now.