It’s close to being old news, and it is now nothing more than a series of warn out talking points on both sides and will forever be argued in the court of public opinion and may never actually reach an actual courtroom. What am I talking about? The controversy over the infamous phone call between President Trump and the Ukrainian President Zelensky. That’s what I’m talking about. We already talked about the difference between what Joe Biden said in a video, and what the President said in the phone call. The transcript of the phone call released by the Whitehouse shows nothing. We all saw the video with Joe threatening to hold millions of dollars from Ukraine until they fire the Ukrainian prosecutor Shokin. Shokin now enjoys the American two-sided partisan narrative. On the right, Shokin was investigating corruption including the nature of Burisma holdings, an enormous natural gas company, who somehow employed Hunter Biden, Joe's son, who has no experience in the field. And on the left, well, Shokin himself was corrupt. So today on the big rethink, I’ll focus on Hunter Biden.