Shortage of anti-cancer drugs in Mexico

Parents of children with cancer have condemned the shortage of medicines in Mexico.

Those affected explained that the Federico Gómez Children's Hospital stopped providing their treatments more than a month ago.

Since then, they have been forced to pay for the drugs out of their own pockets, some of which are quite expensive.

Demonstrators began protesting outside the hospital and airport in the Mexican capital.

Once there, they assured that if no one listens to their demands, they will block roads and hinder access to the airport.

The crisis over the shortage of medicines worsened in Mexico after the reforms and budget cuts imposed by López Obrador's government.

Maduro's offer of help arouses suspicion

The Maduro regime offers assistance to put out the fires in South America while it faces accusations of destroying the Venezuelan jungle.

Maduro's government offered its cooperation despite the fact that they cannot effectively fight the high rate of forest fires in Venezuela, which raised some scepticism on social networks.

In this regard, researchers have accused the Maduro regime of destroying the virgin Venezuelan jungle in search of gold and precious stones.

They also claimed that the mining operations are controlled by criminal gangs, and have the support of corrupt military and politicians.

In this context, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro stressed that the aid promised by some countries to extinguish the fires may have ulterior motives.