World News 05-07-2019:
-Rescued baby bears released into wild in Bulgaria
-Da Vinci experts hope to resolve mystery of hair

-- Rescued baby bears released into wild in Bulgaria

Wildlife experts in Bulgaria have released three one-year-old little bears after finding them a year ago roaming alone in the Rhodopi mountains in southern Bulgaria.

[Yavor Gechev, Four Paws Representative]:
"A year ago the bear cubs were found alone in another mountain in Bulgaria without their mother, nobody gave them any chance of survival."

The three cubs were three months old at the time. They were taken to a sanctuary run by the Four Paws charity, after an unsuccessful search for their mother.

The three bear cubs were then sent to the Arcturos bear rescue center in neighboring Greece, which specializes in the rehabilitation of orphaned bears.

There the bears underwent a special yearlong program for reintegration into wildlife.

One year later, the bears are released in a deciduous forest in the Balkan mountain in central Bulgaria, where there are no traces of other brown bears and are far from human settlements.

[Yavor Gechev, Four Paws Representative]:
"We decided that Radostina, Mitko, and Yonas (the three bears) deserve to live the life of a normal wild bear out of captivity in a beautiful forest here in Bulgaria, their natural environment."

According to latest figures, there are around 500 and 1,000 brown bears in Bulgaria, which has one of Europe's largest populations of these protected species.
-- Da Vinci experts hope to resolve mystery of hair

Two art historians are hoping to unravel the mystery around a tuft of hair claimed to belong to the Renaissance master—Leonardo Da Vinci. Perhaps the hair can unlock the secret of his genius. 

The strand of hair along with a bronze ring goes on display in an exhibition called "Leonardo Vive" at the opening of two new private museums dedicated to Da Vinci’s legacy.

Director of the Ideal Leonardo da Vinci museum, Alessandro Vezzosi says the two items on display were recovered during the 1863 searches for Da Vinci’s tomb.

While other scholars express doubt about the claims, Vezzosi who is also the co-curator of the “Leonardo Vive” exhibition say they plan to compare DNA from the hair with that of descendants of Da Vinci's half-brother Domenico, with the hope of sequencing the master's DNA. 

According to Vezzosi and co-curator Agnes Sabato, an American collector who acquired the relics contacted them in 2016.