Remains of missing Chilean airplane found

Human remains found in the search area of the missing Chilean airplane.

The mayor of the Chilean region of Magallanes, José Fernández, said Wednesday that "remains of the people" in the missing military plane were found.

"The President (Piñera) has asked us to be there for the families and provide them with all the support in these difficult times that they are going through," Fernandez told reporters.

In addition, elements that belonged to the C-130 were identified as the wheel of the plane, part of the landing gear and the fuselage.

The 38-passenger plane had been missing since Monday.

Evo Morales shelters in Argentina

 Former Bolivian president, Evo Morales landed this morning in Buenos Aires as a political asylum seeker, according to official sources.

After entering the country, Morales and four other former Bolivian officials began the process to be accepted as political refugees.

After resigning, Morales took refuge in Mexico. 

Last week, he traveled to Cuba for a supposed medical consultation, although the details of his stay in Havana are unknown.

Bolsonaro lows tension with the Argentine government

Tension between the presidents of Brazil and Argentina lowers.

In statements to the press, President Jair Bolsonaro invited Argentine President Alberto Fernandez to visit Brazil in a gesture to ease tensions.

"I am willing if he wants to visit us. He is welcome," said the president of Brazil.

During his inaugural speech before the Legislative Assembly, Fernández highlighted Argentina's alliance with Brazil beyond the differences between governors.

The tension between the two presidents increased after Fernandez's support for the release of former Brazilian President Lula Da Silva, involved in corruption crimes.

This is the narco-submarine captured in Peru

The first images of the narco-submarine captured on Saturday in Peruvian waters are released.

On Saturday, a narco-submarine was captured carrying 2 tons of cocaine 178 miles off the coast of Talara.

The ship had been supplied with drugs south of Ecuador, near the border with Peru, and had Mexico as its final destination.

However, offshore currents and winds diverted it to Peruvian waters, where it was captured by a Navy patrol.

Authorities presume that it would have been assembled in the jungle of Colombia. Its cost could amount to 1 million dollars.