U.S. President Donald J. Trump on Monday says he was willing to hold his North Carolina campaign rally outside in the rain.

The president quips that it would have prove his hair is real and telling supporters and rally goers that his hair is "a lot better" than most of his friends who are the same age.

Speaking in Fayetteville, North Carolina, President Trump comments on the size of the campaign location, stating he wants a larger venue for the rally in support of Dan Bishop.

[Donald Trump, US President]: "I go out and sometimes I'll be at these huge audiences, and I wish we could have gotten a larger arena than this, we tried.”

He quips about getting his much-speculated about hair “soaking wet,” prompting laughter from the crowd.

[Donald Trump, US President]:  “I was even willing to stand out in the rain and get my hair soaking wet, but they said it was a little bit out of your district. And I said I don't know if it looks good being out of your district. But I was willing to do, and I would have taken it, I would have been very proud to have done it.”

The president continues light-heartedly, saying his hair is “real” and at 73 years old, his hair is in better state than most of his peers. “It would have shown it's my real hair at least, it wouldn't be pretty. It's my hair. May not be great but, I will say it's better than most of my friends who are the same age. A lot better. A lot," says the president.