Face to face with Democrats wishing to impeach this president instead of working with him, President Donald Trump on Tuesday called on Washington to cast aside "revenge, resistance, and retribution and appealed for bipartisanship

When the President spoke about More woman in the workforce than ever before, He received rare applause from Women on the Democratic side of the aisle.

Thousands of Central American Migrants have been advancing to the US Mexico Border in the hopes to take advantage of Catch and release policies that will allow them to enter the US to eventually get lost in the system, and President Trump renewed his plea for stronger Border security, and the need for a wall, and reminded Congress that many of them have supported Walls in the past.

President Trump also spoke about China and the change in relations between the two countries under his leadership.

President Trump with the help his daughter Ivanka introduced a plan for nationwide family leave for Mothers and other caregivers

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam in an interview last week defended the practice of third-trimester abortions. President Donald Trump made his views on this matter perfectly clear

We can choose to view anything in life positively or negatively. If you search long enough, you can find the bad in anything. But what does that say about us? Is the Glass half full or half empty meaningless or is it a simple way to explain the State of our Union, representatives, because the State or our Union is strong, the economy is strong, job creation is strong, unemployment is at record lows. I guess we can look at the growth optimistically or read a tweet and chose Pessimism.

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