Police officers suffer severe burns in Chile

Two Chilean policewomen suffered severe burns after being attacked with Molotov cocktails on Monday, Nov. 4 during another day of protests.

The victims, María Hernández and Abigail Aburto, were immediately taken to Carabineros Hospital.

There they were diagnosed with serious injuries to their faces and scalps.

Chilean Interior Minister Gonzalo Blumel said the attack as an act of cowardice after he visited them.

Government spokeswoman Karla Rubilar also called for respect for life and urged the return of peace.

The singer José Luis Rodríguez "El Puma" joined the wave of people who see the hand of communism behind the violence that surrounds Chile.

Opponents announce blockades in Bolivia

Opposition groups announced the closure of borders and the shutdown of state departments in Bolivia.

These new measures are in addition to the strike that has gripped several cities in the country for the past 13 days.

This decision follows the ultimatum given to Bolivian President Evo Morales two days ago to resign from his post.

Luis Fernando Camacho, leader of both initiatives, said the blockades will be carried out peacefully but firmly.

He also pledged not to interfere with international airports, essential basic services, and medical emergencies.

Massive protest movements began throughout Bolivia after the victory of leftist Evo Morales in an election fraught with irregularities.

Cuba and Venezuela urge the left to move forward in Latin America

The Cuban and Venezuelan regimes called for taking advantage of the recovery of the left in Latin America.

They made the call in a meeting held in Cuba on Sunday, Nov. 3.

The meeting was attended by some 1,200 representatives of left-wing organizations and parties from all over the world.

Nicolás Maduro and Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel celebrated the destabilizing and suffering of some democratic countries in the region, such as Ecuador and Chile.

They also celebrated the triumph of President-elect Alberto Fernández in Argentina and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Mexico.

All those present pledged to prevent the Organization of American States (OAS) Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance of going into effect to fight against Maduro.

"El Chapo" Guzman's son arrested at US request

Mexico confirmed that the brief arrest of the son of drug trafficker Joaquin Chapo Guzman was due to a U.S. campaign against fentanyl.

Wanted for trafficking the deadly opioid, Mexico detained Ovidio Guzman after the United States requested his extradition.

Later, in a strange turn of events, Mexican forces decided to release him, declaring that they felt overwhelmed.

Ovidio, now free, has been accused by a U.S. court of conspiring to traffic narcotics.

Since his father was extradited in 2017 to stand trial for drug trafficking, Ovidio's role in the Sinaloa cartel has not stopped growing.