Ecuador's president denounces coup d'état 

Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno accuses former President Rafael Correa and Maduro of attempting a coup against him.

Moreno says Correa, who is accused of kidnapping and bribery, along with other high officials of his government had recently traveled to Venezuela.

Once there, they agreed with Maduro and his leadership to instigate the protests unleashed in Ecuador caused by the economic adjustments.

Moreno's announcement comes after demonstrators engage in violent confrontations, looting, kidnappings and even assaulting the National Assembly.

As a result of the riots, the Ecuadorian president has declared a state of emergency and curfews in some critical areas.

The president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, has confirmed Moreno's denunciation pointing out that they are manipulating the population to undermine the government and destabilize Ecuador.

NGOs to send hundreds of immigrants to US-Mexico border

Non-Government Organization (NGOs) have organized a caravan of hundreds of immigrants to the U.S. from Mexico's southern border.

Director of the Dignification Center Luis García Villagrán informs the Spanish international news agency EFE that he expects a significant number of immigrants to join his initiative.

The activist proposes to leave on Friday, five days after the Mexican government announced it will hand over some immigration documents.

Villagrán estimates that by Friday, some 2,000 African and Haitian immigrants will already have the cards that will allow them to legally enter Mexico.

Mexican authorities state that since the June immigration pact with the United States, the flow in the Aztec country has been reduced by 60 percent.

Authorities search for secret graves in notorious Mexican jail

Authorities search with dogs and radar for concealed graves in one of the most violent prisons in Mexico.

The search in the Topo Chico prison was activated last week after reports of missing inmates.

Security Secretary for the northern state of Nuevo Leon Aldo Fasci says the search will be indefinite.

He says dozens of troops are already investigating the land, which includes about 10 hectares, to confirm or dismiss the allegations.

This sadly famous prison in the city of Monterrey was finally closed a week and a half ago after decades of riots, fires, and massacres.

Brazil exceeds expectations with privatizations

Brazil has greatly surpassed forecasts of profits from privatizations, divestments, and concessions.

The Ministry of Economy reports that the goal of $20 billion by 2019 has been surpassed three months ahead of schedule, by another $3.5 billion.

President Jair Bolsonaro welcomes the news on Twitter, attributing the increase in revenue to a reduction in state and political class spending and a logical and effective investment.

Analysts report that the cost of living in Brazil became more expensive under socialist governments because the state grew a lot and therefore also spent a lot.

Bolsonaro's policies, on the other hand, aim to reduce both bureaucracy and subsidies while ceasing to finance socialist regimes in the region.