Mexico suspends info service for illegal immigrants

Mexico has suspended an information service for illegal persons trying to enter the country due to repeated violent clashes.

The National Institute of Migration has issued the order after reports of destructive rioting for the second consecutive day on the border with Guatemala.

The foreigners—mainly Africans—vandalize facilities, knock down fences, throw chairs into the air, and assault immigration personnel.

They violently demand that Mexico give them a safe passage to cross the country because, according to immigration services, their goal is to reach the U.S.

Members of the National Guard have helped the staff without reporting any injuries.

Maduro orders military escalation

Nicolás Maduro confirms the deployment of troops and the implementation of a missile system at the border with Colombia.

The socialist leader states that the military escalation is part of plans to prepare for an eventual armed conflict with the neighboring country.

He says the Venezuelan army will carry out military exercises from September 10-28 along the 1378-mile border it shares with Colombia.

Opponent and head of the Venezuelan Parliament's Defense Department, Eliézer Sirit says the measure is fake, fabricated by the socialist regime to distract and torment the Venezuelan population.

In response to Maduro's threats, the Colombian government led by Iván Duque, has declared they will be cautious.

Ex-Honduran first lady convicted of fraud, embezzlement

The former first lady of Honduras has been sentenced to 58 years imprisonment for corruption.

Rosa Elena Bonilla has been charged with misappropriation of funds and fraud.

The prosecutor's office put the amount stolen by the wife of former president Porfirio Lobo at $779,000.

The prosecutor says that Bonilla appropriated international donations and public funds that had been intended for social programs.

For their part, the lawyers of Bonilla—who has been in jail since February 2018—allege that she is innocent and that they will appeal the ruling before the Honduran Supreme Court.

Even if this last resort of the defense is dismissed, the former lady will only have to serve the maximum sentence established by law, which is 30 years in prison. 

President Bolsonaro bans gender ideology in Brazilian schools

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro orders a ban on gender ideology in Brazilian schools.

The president announces his decision on social networks, noting that he has asked the Ministry of Education to prepare the legislative bill.

Bolsonaro has based his call on the "principle of integral protection for children" that is detailed in the Brazilian Constitution. 

In this way, Bolsonaro, who is a staunch defender of the family and traditional values, fulfills one of his electoral promises.

Gender ideology defends that the sex of people is a social construction. This ideology defies all logical, scientific thinking and promotes early sexualization in children.

Analysts say that the order is only the first one of several measures that the president will implement to eradicate gender ideology from schools in favor of moral principles.