Mexico: Alleged attack on bar causes huge fire

A fire in a bar in the Mexican city of Veracruz, on Tuesday left 26 dead and 13 seriously injured. 

The Veracruz prosecutor's office has opened an investigation to find out the origin of the fire and to confirm if it was the result of a malicious attack.

Local media has reported that a local gang entered the premises closed the emergency exits, and then dropped Molotov cocktails, although this has not been officially confirmed. 

Governor García has condemned the events and assured that the Public Secretariat of Veracruz is tracking the alleged aggressors which some believe may have been part of an extortion racket.

Writer denounces Mexican president for silencing journalists

A Mexican writer criticizes President Andrés Obrador for signing an agreement with Televisa for $50 million dollars that will allow Obrador to modify the format of the newscasts. 

Author Rafael de Mola has condemned the president for using these millionaire advertising contracts to silence journalists, with the aim of concealing the potential economic recession that threatens the country. 

On Saturday, Mola’s son, Carlos de Mola, a Televisa news anchor, resigned as a possible victim of what Mola calls a "journalist hunt."

According to Reporters Without Borders, Mexico is the most dangerous country in Latin America to practice journalism. 

Seven media professionals have been murdered during the socialist leader's term.