Mexican judge authorizes cocaine use  

Mexico registers the first case in the world in which a judge approves the use of cocaine.

Magistrate Victor Octavio Luna Escobedo has authorized two people to possess, transport, and use this dangerous and highly addictive drug.

The decision is immediately challenged, and now a court must decide whether to ratify or annul the ruling.

Analysts point out that this could be the first step on the path to decriminalization of some drugs, suggested by President López Obrador.

Likewise, they argue the strategy being carried out is very similar to the one used to legalize the consumption of marijuana.

Meanwhile, in the United States, officials are concerned about the increase in deaths from cocaine overdose.

Brazilian president claims NGOs cause Amazon fires

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said on Wednesday that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) could be involved in the fires in the Amazon.

Bolsonaro stresses that NGOs have declared war on him since his administration stops financing them with taxpayers' money.

He says the NGOs have intentionally set the Amazon on fire in retaliation, to make him look bad and hurt the Government of Brazil.

Bolsonaro states that it is now up to the authorities to determine whether the Amazon fires have been intentionally ignited.