Mexican cartel massacres 14 police officers

The Mexican Cartel Jalisco New Generation massacred 14 police officers.

The ambush occurred on Monday morning, when shooters in several vans opened fire on a column of police vehicles.

More than a dozen of the 41 officers, who were on their way to a home in the Aguililla municipality to comply with a court order, died.

After the attack, drug traffickers set fire to several of the shot up vehicles, and the images went viral on social networks.

Shortly afterward, authorities announced that they were beginning a search for those responsible after confirming that in addition to the 14 casualties, 3 policemen in the convoy were also  injured.

Former President Correa's allies arrested for inciting violence in Ecuador

Ecuador detained some allies of former President Rafael Correa for inciting violence during protests.

In the last few hours, the Ecuadorian prosecutor's office ordered the arrest of the prefect of Pichincha, Paola Pabón, as well as several former officials.

The former mayor of Durán, Alexandra Arce and other accused persons such as Erika M., Christian G., and Pablo D. were also arrested.

All of them were remanded to custody for unlawful association to paralyze services, rebellion, and discord in demonstrations.

The arrests come a few hours after the government and indigenous people reached an agreement that ended more than a week of violent riots in Ecuador.

The Mexican Embassy in Quito, the Ecuadorian capital, announced that it had granted asylum to six leaders allied with former President Correa.

Europe seeks to sanction Nicaragua's president

The European Union took the first step toward sanctioning repression in Nicaragua.

The Union decided to create a legal framework that would allow Daniel Ortega and his leadership to be punished for continuous human rights abuses and violations.

They pointed out that such sanctions will aim at freezing assets and refusing entry into the countries of the European Union.

European individuals or companies will not be allowed to finance the persons or entities sanctioned in Nicaragua.

They explained that such measures will not harm the population, but rather the government of Daniel Ortega, the security forces, and the armed groups related to his regime.

Feminists attack a cathedral in Argentina

A group of feminists perpetrated a failed attack on a cathedral in Argentina.

The Argentine Women's meeting, held over the weekend in La Plata, concluded with women throwing incendiary devices at the church's façade.

They also threw stones and objects at the police and a group of Catholics who were behind the protective fences installed in the cathedral.

At noon, another major group with green handkerchiefs and posters from the Socialist Workers Movement danced and sang in front of the cathedral bare-chested.

This 34th meeting of Women of Argentina focused on the promotion of abortion and gender ideology, with the participation of LGBT groups.