The wide range of applications of increasingly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) can also cover the identification and tracking of every single person in a targeted society, for better or worse.

In this sense, numerous voices warn, and others rise against the misuse of technological advances available to governments, searching for greater control of the citizens entrusted to their care and protection. While this is a global trend, the Chinese regime, in particular, has invested large portions of its budget in making AI a significant underpinning of its system.

In recent years, the Communist Party of China (CCP) has spent billions of dollars developing, purchasing, and implementing cutting-edge advances such as AI-facilitated facial recognition and other digital developments to add to its citizen monitoring network, according to Fox News.

Chinese authorities combine old and cutting-edge technologies, including phone scanners, facial recognition cameras, face and fingerprint databases, and many others, to integrate robust systems for social control.