Guaidó will authorize use of satellites

Venezuela's president-in-charge Juan Guaidó will authorize the use of satellites to locate armed groups in the country after FARC guerrillas announced their return to arms.

Gaidó says that by utilising the satellites, he hopes to locate not only the camps, but also the concealed tracks they use to transport the drugs. 

He explains, without giving details, that he is willing to use "all relationships and possibilities of intelligence" for this initiative to be carried out.

Venezuela has three satellites, placed in orbit by the Chinese communist regime with the intent of spying for Maduro’s gang.

The satellites have up until recently been controlled by the Maduro regime, which has denied the presence of foreign guerrilla groups.

El Salvador suspends prison alerts

El Salvador ends the state of emergency in prisons after a sharp drop in the homicide rate.

President Nayib Bukele has issued the order after the murder rate falls 22 percent so far in 2019, making August the least violent month since 1998.

The penitentiary state of emergency considers cutting off the communication routes of prison leaders, thus preventing them from transmitting orders to the gang members or their families.

Prison Director Osiris Luna explains that all prisoners will now enter rehabilitation programs to "eliminate leisure within prisons."

Since June 20, the executive headed by Bukele has been promoting a plan to fight criminal gangs that brings together more than 7,000 police and military personnel in 22 locations.