Globalists finance Greta Thunberg

President Jair Bolsonaro’s son, Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro reveals that some multi millionaires who promote globalism finance the controversial teen activist Greta Thunberg. 

The Brazilian congressman exposes Thunberg’s close relationship with another German activist, Luisa Neubaer, spokesperson for the non-government organization (NGO)“ that receives funds from George Soros and Bill Gates.

The president's son cites an investigation that reveals Soros is also dedicated to financing leftist agendas and social movements in Brazil.

The denunciation is added to many others that warn of the fraud hidden behind climate change and the false heroes who defend environmental causes.

Thunberg, a Swedish teenager with obsessive-compulsive disorder, has managed in just one year of activism to give a speech before the UN Assembly in New York, where she arrived after crossing the ocean in a solar sailboat.

Guerrillas brainwash Venezuelan children

A report reveals that Colombian guerrillas are indoctrinating Venezuelan children in schools.

The strategy is to attract students by offering communist revolutionary talks, recreational activities, and gifts in order to recruit them.

Pro-Human Rights and Education organization 'Fundaredes' Director Javier Tarazona told The Epoch Times that at least 20,000 children will be at risk of being caught.

Tarazona says the Colombian National Liberation Army, a communist terrorist organization also known as ELN, even conducts a census of students in several states along the Venezuelan border.

He says the number of schoolchildren contacted by the guerrillas has risen to 325 so far in 2019, compared to 214 last year.

Children are particularly vulnerable to being recruited by armed groups due to the acute economic crisis in Venezuela, says Tarazona.

NGOs organize caravans of illegal immigrants

Honduran President Juan Orlando Fernandez says the caravans of illegal immigrants are forced by gangs and organized by non-government organizations (NGO).

Fernandez condemns these gangs along with smugglers, politicians, and NGOs who are organizing massive flows of illegal immigrants in his UN General Assembly speech.

He indicated the joint objective of these gangs and NGOs is to destabilize the country and weaken the government. They do not hesitate to risk the lives of innocent people by throwing them on to a path of cruelty, exploitation, and false promises, says Fernandez.

Fernandez contends that Nicolás Maduro's Venezuelan regime is attacking the Honduran economy and its institutions in an attempt to sow chaos in the country.

US authorities apprehended Venezuelan gold smugglers

U.S. customs and border protection officers at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport found 230 pounds of gold hidden in a private plane from Venezuela.

The gold bars, worth five million U.S. dollars, is the latest seizure, in addition to those smuggled out in June to England and August to the Netherlands, also on private planes from Venezuela.

U.S. authorities state that Maduro's regime is trying to sell gold from Venezuela's reserve on the black market.

This way Maduro tries to acquire foreign currency after the international community impose 

sanctions on Venezuela.

Economist and National Assembly of Venezuela Deputy José Guerra stated in April that Maduro is taking out the 86 tons of gold that is still in Venezuela, after nearly 800 tons had disappeared. 

Since April, sales of at least 24 tons have been recorded, according to a Bloomberg report.